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We promised more releases with subscriptions, and we delivered

SketchUp Pro Updates
When we launched subscriptions we challenged ourselves to earn your business every single day by constantly improving the tools you love throughout the year. Challenge accepted. We worked hard all year long to produce a plethora of features and updates to make good on our promise to you. Instead of focusing on just one launch, we had several - across every one of our products.  

So, what have we done in one year?

SketchUp Pro Updates
SketchUp Pro Updates

Read about these updates in more detail:

2019 updates
2019.2 updates
2020 updates

LayOut Updates
  • Isometric dimensioning: make linear dimension align with an isometric viewpoint
  • Auto-text: add text to dimensions without breaking automatic measurement
  • Rotating dimensions: when dimensions are off-axis, the bounding box will remain aligned with the object
  • Quicker editing: hit the return key to edit SketchUp model views, groups, dimensions, or labels
  • DWG import/export: more support for these types of files
  • Export for SketchUp: sends all LayOut entities along with any SketchUp viewport data to the model space
  • More document control: improved interaction between SketchUp & LayOut for model views and customization

SketchUp for Web Updates
SketchUp for Web Updates

  • Live preview for image exports
  • Style editing
  • Search and activate modeling commands
  • Invert selection
  • Un-Erase
  • New Scale Figure!
  • Improved quality in image export and printing
  • Solid Inspector

Read more about these updates in detail.

SketchUp Campus Updates
SketchUp Campus Updates

So many more ways to learn SketchUp with these new self-paced tutorials: 

  • SketchUp Fundamentals
  • SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design
  • LayOut Essentials
  • Rendering: SketchUp to Photoshop
  • SketchUp Fundamentals - Modeling Practice
  • 3 Ways to Boost Your CAD to 3D Workflow

Check SketchUp Campus if you haven’t!

3D Warehouse Updates
3D Warehouse Updates

  • Categories
  • Updates to Collections
  • Private folders
  • Favorites
  • New User Profiles
  • User Content Manager to help you bulk manage all your models

Read more about these updates here

Extension Warehouse Updates
Extension Warehouse Updates

  • Improved landing page
  • Improved performance
  • Better search filtering and sorting
  • Consolidated industries and categories
  • An easier way for developers to submit extensions

Read more about these updates

Sefaira Updates
Sefaira Updates

  • Loads of new learning videos 
  • Improvements to loading speed and responsiveness
  • Improvements to how many calculations are made so first-run results for new projects are closer to what is expected

SketchUp Viewer Updates
SketchUp Viewer Updates

  • SketchUp Viewer for VR: ability to view models in VR on top devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and SteamVR devices
  • SketchUp Viewer for Mixed Reality: supporting the plethora of Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets

Learn more about these updates.

Trimble Connect Updates
Trimble Connect Updates

  • New look in Connect for Browser and Connect for Mobile 
  • Ability to define attributes for all uploaded files to support search and release management 
  • 3D Viewer in Connect for Browser allows high-performance viewing of detailed 3D models in a browser
  • New workflow extensions with custom grouping structures and attributes allow you to move beyond BIM-based coordination by adding project data into your 3D models
  • Drawing and document viewing in Connect for Mobile synced with the cloud 
  • HoloLens application that takes advantage of the new HoloLens 2 and MX10
  • Camera and gallery support in Connect for Mobile
  • Quick access in mobile to view the 5 most recently opened items in the home screen
  • Ability to define construction sequencing with new sequencing add-on in Trimble Connect for Windows
  • Project and User Management portal gives you a more detailed overview of projects 

Learn more about this Trimble Connect

SketchUp For Schools’ Updates
SketchUp For Schools’ Updates

  • Microsoft integration with SketchUp for Schools
  • Three new lessons plans for science, theater, and shop class
  • 2D printing: print specific views and scenes, and print your model to scale 
  • Advanced image export
  • Material editing: apply images as textures, change color gradients, and create custom materials
  • Search for 3D modeling tools using the new type command search

Read more about these updates.

Account Management Updates
And, ICYMI, we also have worked on making it easier for people that purchase through our online store to manage subscriptions with specific downgrade and upgrade paths, the ability to disable and enable auto-renewal, as well as more flexibility with managing seats.


Compared to years previously, we’ve had over a 200% increase in new features. Here’s a visual of what that means: 

Account Management Updates

And we’re not stopping here! Imagine what else we will do this year...

In case you weren’t sure a subscription would really enhance our products at a speedier pace, now you know. And, it’s only going to get better. So, hop aboard the SketchUp train, and don’t get left behind! Get your subscription today.

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