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  • [Skill Builder] Picking colors from a PDF7:44

    [Skill Builder] Picking colors from a PDF

    Today we're taking a look at a way you can generate a custom color list with the Mac UI. Thanks to our forum users for this great idea!

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  • Getting Started with SketchUp Mobile Viewer for AR2:09

    Getting Started with SketchUp Mobile Viewer for AR

    With SketchUp Viewer, you can quickly and easily bring your 3D models to life by viewing them in the context of your environment. Follow along in this video tutorial to see how to get started with Ske

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  • Guides - Square One7:50

    Guides - Square One

    It's back to the basics! We're taking a look at Guides in today's SketchUp Square One series. Follow along as we teach you how to edit, input, and remove Guides from your model.

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  • Modeling GE Appliance in SketchUp Live!2:21:10

    Modeling GE Appliance in SketchUp Live!

    Check out our Forum -

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  • [Skill Builder] Partial Grouping8:49

    [Skill Builder] Partial Grouping

    Having trouble with partial grouping? We have solutions! We dive into what partial grouping is, how you can avoid it, and how to fix it afterward.

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  • Protractor - Square One4:33

    Protractor - Square One

    There's two main features when it comes to the protractor tool: measuring angles and placing guides at specific angles. Watch this Square One video to make sure you've got a full understanding of all

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  • [Skill Builder] Erasing Lines Between Faces7:57

    [Skill Builder] Erasing Lines Between Faces

    We've seen a few questions around deleting lines between coplanar faces and what determines which material fills the face. Watch this Skill Builder to learn about the priorities that set the fill dete

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  • Tape Measure - Square One7:57

    Tape Measure - Square One

    Did you know that the Tape Measure tool is really four tools in one?! Learn more about all the features of this sneaky tool and how they can help you: determine the length an edge, the square measurem

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  • [Skill Builder] Five Issues Pushing Windows Through Walls8:12

    [Skill Builder] Five Issues Pushing Windows Through Walls

    We've heard a few times (ok, maybe more) that a lot of users struggle with using the push pull tool to get a window through a wall. Sound familiar? Well, we've come up with five things that could be p

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  • More Follow Me - Square One7:04

    More Follow Me - Square One

    We're continuing the deep dive into the Follow Me tool with our SketchUp SquareOne series. Watch to learn how grouping works in Follow Me, how to get multiple shapes to follow in a single Follow Me se

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  • [Skill Builder] Tag Folders Vs Outliner7:03

    [Skill Builder] Tag Folders Vs Outliner

    We've heard your questions and want to make sure you know the best times to use tag folders verses outliner, and vice versa. Hit play and learn how to best use these tools in your workflow!

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  • Follow Me - Square One9:09

    Follow Me - Square One

    It's back to Square One and we're here to dive into the Follow Me tool, what it is and what you can do with it. Make sure you get the basics down so you can put all the capabilities - and there are a

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  • [Skill Builder] Export From SketchUp or Layout10:59

    [Skill Builder] Export From SketchUp or Layout

    Do you know when it's best to export your files from SketchUp verses from LayOut? Well, this Skill Builder answers that question for you, diving into the various scenarios of why you choose one over t

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  • From LayOut to Playhouse

    From LayOut to Playhouse

    Follow along in Aaron Dietzen's workflow as he designs a playhouse from scratch in SketchUp and LayOut for a builder who brings the project to life.

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  • Offset Tool - Square One8:07

    Offset Tool - Square One

    Make sure you know all the possibilities the offset tool provides in your models - from the shortcuts to using it, where to find it, and how to use it to create unique geometry. See how preselecting g

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  • [Skill Builder] Composite Effect in LayOut9:18

    [Skill Builder] Composite Effect in LayOut

    Combine different layers of your model to create composite effects without even leaving LayOut. Watch and learn how to bring this technique into your workflow using functions of styles to apply these

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  • Rotate with Move Tool - SketchUp Square One5:47

    Rotate with Move Tool - SketchUp Square One

    See how using the move tool lets you rotate groups and components without having to switch over to the rotate command. Watch and learn how to make changes in your model without interrupting your workf

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  • Modeling the SketchUp Logos in SketchUp Live!1:41:20

    Modeling the SketchUp Logos in SketchUp Live!

    Join the forum:

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  • [Skill Builder] Stacked Viewport Template7:59

    [Skill Builder] Stacked Viewport Template

    Watch this Skill Builder to learn how to create templates using stacked viewports. See how you can create templates to easily apply them in LayOut across your models and add some more efficiencies to

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  • Scale Tool - Square One9:50

    Scale Tool - Square One

    Dig into the details of the scale command - a modify command that lets you change existing geometry. Learn command shortcuts and wide range of capabilities this command offers. Make sure you're puttin

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