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Extension Warehouse 2.0: See what's new

Extension Warehouse 2.0

In our never-ending quest to bring you features that you need (and that make your life easier!), we just launched a few awesome enhancements that will bring some joy and happiness to your SketchUp + Extension Warehouse workflow. Consider this a little holiday gift 🎁. 

Without further ado...let’s give you the rundown.

Find those extensions...easier!

Are you a SketchUpper trying to find an extension to make your workflow a little more seamless? Well, we have some great features that will add a little pep to your workflow step. 

Improved Landing Page: You’ll notice an overall facelift to the site including the home page of Extension Warehouse. Being able to “search” for extensions is much more prominent and easily accessible. We also added sections to highlight the most popular extensions and a section where the SketchUp team will be featuring extensions we think our users should know about! How’s that for convenience? 

Extension Warehouse 2.0

Improved Performance: We have rebuilt the entire Extension Warehouse from the ground up. So, it doesn’t just look great, but it also has increased speed and stability. 

Better Search Filtering and Sorting: Now you can filter and sort your search results through a number of options depending on your criteria, including operating system compatibility, SketchUp compatibility, cost, category, most recently updated and so much more! Find what you’re looking for faster, more accurately.

Extension Warehouse with better filters

Better filters = better search results!

Extension Warehouse with easy to use download and info page

Once you find your extension, you'll land on this easy-to-use download and info page.

Consolidated Industries and Categories: In an effort to help simplify the way extensions are categorized, we’ve combined what used to be two separate tagging systems of “Industries” and “Categories” into simply “Categories”. This is designed to make it easier to filter on what is most important to you and to help our extension creators more accurately categorize their extensions.

Extension Warehouse Browse Category

Developers, rejoice!

We didn’t forget about our developers! After all, Extension Warehouse wouldn’t be what it is without you all. Because of that, we completely overhauled the extension submission process. The simplified workflow makes it easier to get your extensions published.

Of course, we love hearing your feedback. So, let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see in the future.

Happy SketchUpping!

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About the Author

Chris was introduced to SketchUp while working on earning a degree in Landscape Architecture in 2003 and he has never stopped using it! He has since left the design profession to join the SketchUp team as a SketchUp Product Manager. He now dreams in 3D.

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