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Why use a Common Data Environment?

A Common Data Environment (CDE) allows architecture, engineering, and construction teams (AEC) to get centralized access to all data related to one construction project.

Illustrated graphic showing the benefits of using a common data environment (CDE)

Discover 4 advantages of a common data environment

#1 Construction data access simplification

  • Access to the CDE with a simple internet connection
  • Compatible with different devices:
    • PC
    • Smartphone
    • Tablet
    • Field hardware

#2 Information centralization

  • Interactive environment of shared information for AEC
  • Project Lifecycle monitoring

#3 Information standardization

  • Information sharing with a common language
    • Information status update (according to ISO norms)
  • Guaranteed quality of the shared information
    • Data extraction, quantities, contractual documents, trade monitoring

#4 Analysis and post-project follow-up

  • Version history
  • Data analysis
    • Productivity improvement
  • Global view of the project in its whole
    • Anticipation of futures renovations

The success of a construction project depends heavily on how much information the design teams have and how well the initial plan is executed. Working in a common data environment means that everyone has access to consolidated, centralized, and updated information in real time for smooth and efficient collaboration.

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