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[Infographic] Sustainability that Sticks

It’s never too early to start making performance-based design decisions. SketchUp empowers designers to make informed, impactful design decisions rooted in sustainability and equips you with compelling visuals to help stakeholders understand and commit to high-performance outcomes.

illustrated infographic outlining the benefits of SketchUp for early-stage design research and sustainable design

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Start your design projects in the right direction with PreDesign, SketchUp's early stage design research tool, included in both Pro and Studio subscriptions. For next-level building analysis, add Sefaira to your toolkit, and run performance simulations to assess carbon emissions, daylighting, thermal comfort, and more. Take all of SketchUp's 3D and design research tools for a test drive with a free trial

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Getting his start in architecture, Dan is a jack-of-all-trades creative with a penchant for storytelling. When not playing with words or exercising his appetite for new information, you’ll likely find him — coffee in hand — in the woods, on the water, or somewhere up a hill.

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