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Upgraded document-based workflows in SketchUp for iPad

SketchUp for iPad now supports PDF! Bring rich reference materials into SketchUp, develop ideas in 3D, and create presentation documents — straight from your iPad. Plus, customize text and dimension settings, smooth edges, and easily access learning resources with the new 6.3 updates.

Image showcasing new PDF import and export capabilities in SketchUp for iPad

SketchUp for iPad version 6.3 is here. We’ve elevated your documentation and presentation process on iPad with a streamlined flow from 2D to 3D to sharable output — wherever work takes you. Import rich reference materials, ideate quickly in 3D, and export presentation-ready PDF documents — all directly on iPad. Plus, we're giving you more tools to customize the look and feel of your model, including the ability to soften and smooth edges and adjust dimension string and text properties for a presentation style that’s uniquely yours. SketchUp for iPad gives you the power to create, communicate, and collaborate in 3D (and 2D) anywhere you choose. 

One import, all the context

Whether you need to reference floor plans, elevations, or an entire site plan, you can now import multiple pages from drawing sets in one swift operation. Simply select the pages you want, and define the drawing scale for each. We take care of the rest, arraying PDF pages in SketchUp and scaling them to ensure each page lands in your model at 1:1 scale. Start designing faster, and keep your conceptual workflow humming with all your reference material in one model file — and get there with just one import action.

Export documents, communicate clearly

Export PDFs on iPad to deliver the right documents to the right stakeholders wherever you work. Share PDFs with colleagues for them to redline in their preferred PDF editing tool. Package drawings and images on the go to generate a documentation set for a client. Supplement RFIs with annotated 3D images after exploring and marking up your model live on site. SketchUp for iPad makes turning any 3D model into PDF deliverables easy. Create and organize PDF pages based on the Scenes in your model with total control over page orientation, drawing scale, and line weights, plus choose vector, raster, or hybrid graphics. With iPad-based PDF workflows, spend less time formatting deliverables and more time moving your project forward. 

Zip through text and dimension customizations

Model courtesy of DA Architects + Planners

Modifying the look and feel of dimension strings and text entities is much simpler with the SketchUp for iPad 6.3 update. Adjust fonts, endpoints, and colors in the Model Info panel. Your newly selected properties become the default applied to any new elements you add to the model. Plus, you can update all existing text and dimensions in bulk. Pro-tip: save a blank SketchUp for iPad file with your custom settings. When it's time for a new project, start with a copy of your template. Your curated settings will override the defaults, preserving your style in the new design.


Model courtesy of Sarah Amos Interiors

You’ve probably been here. You’ve downloaded the perfect model from 3D Warehouse and placed it in your model. Now, you’re looking at all the triangulated edges that make up curved surfaces. All those visible edges make for an unsightly model. Not a problem! Soften geometry faster using the all-new Soften/Smooth Edges panel. Quickly beautify objects by smoothing edges using the oh-so-satisfying slider.

Help, when and where you need it 

Model courtesy of Sarah Amos Interiors

The Help panel is the resource for iPad support, and we’ve moved it to where you need it most — within the modeling window. From the Help panel, you can visit the forums and Help Center, browse and launch educational videos, or contact our team directly. Look through all the resources and find what you need in the new Help panel without navigating away from your in-progress model. 

Create and collaborate anywhere on iPad

A smoother, more efficient document workflow is waiting for you in this latest update to SketchUp for iPad. Explore new ways to keep the creativity and collaboration rolling with a free trial. You already have access if you’re a SketchUp subscriber. Download the App to get started, or check out our plans and pricing page to subscribe today.

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