SketchUp Talk: A Tour of 3D Basecamp's Past with Aidan Chopra

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting long-time SketchUp friend Aidan Chopra, you’ve probably already pressed the play button on this episode of SketchUp Talk.

Aidan joined SketchUp in its infancy as part of the Education team. Over his tenure, he wrote and published the SketchUp for Dummies book and planned the original 3D Basecamp(s), among many other accomplishments. He’s now the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Bitsbox, a tech company that endeavors to expose kids to coding at a young age.

Aidan Chopra is a man of many words. Listen to several of them on SketchUp Talk!

In this episode of SketchUp Talk, Aaron, Caroline, & Aidan discuss:

  • His first time seeing (and becoming addicted to) SketchUp
  • How to write a “Dummies” book
  • 3D Basecamp origins
  • Leaving SketchUp and founding Bitsbox


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Show Notes: