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[Season 1, Episode 8] SketchUp Talk: Interiors with Tammy Cody

Tammy Cody is a designer, teacher, businesswoman, and SketchUp whiz. This week on SketchUp Talk, Tammy shares the details of building her own design business, which ultimately led her to develop her very own SketchUp courses for interior designers.

She also shares her thoughts on how environment contributes to design style, and how she found her particular design niche. Scroll down to hear Tammy Cody on SketchUp Talk! 

From SketchUp model to rendering, to the final product, Cody and team bring this dream kitchen to life. Modeled and rendered by Tammy Cody; designed by Ushi Schick; photographed by Vivian Johnson.

On this episode of SketchUp Talk, Aaron, Caroline, & Tammy discuss:

  • Building a design business from scratch
  • Learning the ins and outs of SketchUp... and then teaching it
  • How to use SketchUp for interior design
  • Her design niche and how she found it

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