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[Season 1, Episode 7] SketchUp Talk: Creating beautiful illustrations with Jim Leggitt

One thing we love about our community is the endless creativity that every modeler brings to their designs. From hand-drawn sketches to realistic renders, there's no shortage of talented users creating original designs in SketchUp. 

Jim Leggitt is one such designer. As many talented architects are, Jim was trained with classical drawing techniques long before SketchUp became part of his workflow. But instead of shifting to an entirely digital practice, Jim developed his own hybrid technique that meshes the old with the new. This week on SketchUp Talk, we explore Jim's design techniques and his thoughts on merging technology with traditional methods.

Jim Leggitt's hybrid style

Jim uses a hybrid technique that merges SketchUp with traditional drawing methods.

On this episode of SketchUp Talk, Aaron, Caroline, & Jim discuss:

  • Combining digital and traditional drawing methods
  • The importance of communicating design quickly
  • How Jim developed his unique drawing style 
  • What to expect at Jim's 3D Basecamp drawing workshops

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