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Radical Sustainable Living: Climate Salon Podcast episode one recap

Trimble SketchUp partnered with Dezeen to create a podcast series that explores the future of sustainable architecture and design. In episode one, SketchUp's Sumele Adelana joins a panel of experts to discuss possible steps for creating a more sustainable environment with the help of AEC professionals. 

Climate Salon Episode two: Forging a regenerative future

Trimble SketchUp and Dezeen partnered up to bring you the Climate Salon Podcast. We’ll walk through the highlights and thought-provoking discussion from the inaugural episode, Radical Sustainable Living. Industry experts Tom Dixon, Siv Helene Strangeland, and Sumele Adelana share valuable insights and possible steps and solutions for creating a more sustainable environment with the help of architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and consumers. Our best hope is for professionals and consumers to foster a collective responsibility to create a greener future and address the urgency of the sustainability crisis.

Understanding the issue

We start the episode with a stark realization: 

"Buildings and construction are singularly responsible for around 40% of all of our energy-related emissions at the moment." 

Jennifer Hahn 

This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for architects, designers, and engineers to come together to reduce the industry's carbon footprint. Professionals in the field must embrace sustainability as a guiding principle and embed it into their daily practice.

Collaboration and government support

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done to push a collective effort.”   

Sumele Adelana