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Instant Roof, instant productivity

Instant Roof, a SketchUp extension by Chuck Vali of Vali Architects, allows users to create gables, hips, sheds, and trellises effortlessly. This extension is easy to install, learn, and use.

the California Ranch roof style

Instant Roof, by Chuck Vali of Vali Architects, is a SketchUp extension used to quickly create gables, hips, sheds, and trellises anywhere a user needs them. Let's explore some of the extension’s impressive features.

  • Simplify Roofing:  Instant Roof automates the roof creation process, allowing users to easily switch between different roof types and styles to find the best fit. With precise roof measurements and real-time adjustments, users can instantly visualize the changes to the roof design when modifying parameters. 
  • Easy to learn:  Chuck Vali provides an incredible collection of instructional PDFs and videos on his website, allowing users to learn how to master the extension easily. The in-product help is comprehensive and well-placed.
  • Intuitive interface:  Everything a user needs is conveniently accessible in the Plugins menu, eliminating the need to memorize numerous tool icons. The input method for telling the extension where to put gables and sheds couldn't be more straightforward.

Getting started

To use Instant Roof, select a face and choose Extensions> Instant Roof > Make Roof.

The following image uses the California Ranch roof style.

Instant Roof, instant productivity

Selecting just a face produces a hip roof.

By default, the extension produces an entirely hipped roof that slopes in all directions. To create a roof form with a gable, simply select one edge of the face and run the extension.

the California Ranch roof style

Select an edge to tell the extension where to draw a gable.Selecting edges on opposite sides of the building results in gables over both. 

the California Ranch roof style

Select two edges to create gables on both ends of the roof.

the California Ranch roof style

Selecting three edges produces a shed.

The script handles increased complexity beautifully:

the California Ranch roof style

After understanding the process, this roof took 3 seconds to generate.

Instant Rood includes several rood styles that are preset combinations of parameters that can be altered to produce almost anything a user might need: slopes, eaves, fascia, rafters - they're all infinitely adjustable. 

the California Ranch roof style

The extension comes preloaded with a few parameter presets, but users also have the option to create and save their own preferred styles.

Moreover, Instant Roof can create a few different roof details - including mission tile, shingles, standing seam, and sheet metal - offering more flexibility and creative freedom. 


the California Ranch roof style

Mission tile and metal standing seam are two of the roof details you can apply with Instant Roof.

Instant Roof Pro

Instant Roof offers both a free option and the Pro version. Pro provides users with a larger roof slope selection, making it critical for those using the extension for professional projects. Priced at US$39 for a yearly subscription fee, it’s an exceptional value for all it offers. Various creative professionals, including urban designers, art directors, set directors, and concept artists, can use Instant Roof to create convincing built forms with greater ease and efficiency. 

Ready to explore SketchUp’s capabilities? Sign up for a free trial or check out our subscription options.

About Chuck Vali

Chuck Vali is an accomplished architect and creator of Instant Roof, a groundbreaking SketchUp extension used to simplify the roof design process for AEC professionals. Explore Chuck’s website for instructional video tutorials and printable resources to help with your projects. 

the California Ranch roof style

Visit Chuck's website for videos and printable help resources galore.

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