Just added: SketchUp Viewer for VR now supports additional VR headsets

March 3, 2020 Mike Tadros

Whether you have dabbled in virtual reality yet or not, we have some exciting news to get your creative juices flowing. Our SketchUp Viewer for VR app now supports nearly every VR headset on the market with the recent additions of Oculus Quest and SteamVR. Talk about working well with others!

For Oculus Quest, all you need is this cable to get set up. With your Quest connected to your desktop PC via an Oculus Link cable, you can view all of your SketchUp models in VR.

And then there’s SteamVR! Adding support for this platform means compatibility with a whole bunch of additional VR headsets. Some of the devices that run on SteamVR include Varjo and StarVR. If you haven’t heard of Varjo, they make human-eye resolution VR and XR products aimed at creating a new kind of immersive computing experience that combines virtual, augmented, and physical realities. Fancy!

Of course, SketchUp Viewer for VR continues to support the complete line-up of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets as well. 

To find out whether your VR headset will work with SketchUp, check with your manufacturer to see if their device supports the SteamVR platform. 

SketchUp Viewer for VR app is available to all customers with a SketchUp Pro or Studio subscription, so get in and start experiencing your designs in VR today!


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Mike Tadros

As the Product Manager for the SketchUp Viewer family of apps, Mike is obsessed with delivering awesome products for SketchUp users the world over. When he's not busy sifting through feature requests or otherwise staring at brightly lit screens, Mike enjoys spending time with his family and pedaling hither and thither. Go Bears!

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