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Orbit from Home

Dear SketchUp Community,

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. We’ve all had to make adjustments to keep our communities safe, and we are here for you while you’re at home and adjusting. We’ve put together a few ways you can take advantage of your time at your home office while we recover from the pandemic. 

SketchUp Community

While your work in SketchUp might not win you international and neverending respect, sharpening your 3D modeling skills might win you some elbow high-fives in the office. Check out our ten ways to take advantage of the time spent social distancing:

  1. Learn the fundamentals in our home-grown SketchUp 101 self-guided course! (ps - it’s free!)

  2. More experienced at SketchUp? Dive into our Skill Builder video collection and really polish your 3D ninja status.

  3. Discover our Podcast, SketchUp Talk! A great listen while you’re orbiting away on the axis.

  4. More the studious type? Check out some of our favorite presentations from the 2018 3D Basecamp!

  5. Only have a little more free time while working from home? Binge our Quick Wins, all under 60 seconds long - and packed with power skills! 

  6. Always wanted to become a true SketchUpper? Learn how to make your very own 2D Component! 

  7. Try out some other products you have access to as a SketchUp Pro Subscriber! Share your projects with Trimble Connect, model online with SketchUp for Web, or check out SketchUp Viewer for your mobile device!

  8. Curious about how others are using SketchUp? Learn about new workflows in our customer case studies.

  9. Looking for new ways to customize your workflow? Explore our Extension Inspections to find the perfect plugin.

  10. See it all live! Tune in to our live model challenges - every Friday at 12 pm MT. Don’t have time to catch it live? Watch the recordings

  11. Looking for a laugh? Check out some of our world-famous April Fools jokes, like SpeakUp, Using Advanced Templates, and my personal favorite, Adventure Mode

  12. *BONUS!* Share the ways you're using SketchUp over the next few weeks. Hashtag your SketchUp projects #OrbitFromHome and tag us for a chance to be featured on our social channels!

Whether you’re using your free time to become more proficient & efficient at SketchUp, getting workflow tips from other SketchUp users, or laughing at Adventure mode, we hope you’re staying healthy and taking care of yourself & your loved ones. 

Looking forward to seeing you on the Axis, and at 3D Basecamp in September.


The SketchUp Team

About the Author

We’re the folks who work on SketchUp, so we spend most of our time thinking about how to make drawing in 3D better. We also enjoy nerf gun wars, disc golf, board games, coffee, beer, donuts, and looking at mountains. A few of us eat quinoa.

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