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Houseal Lavigne: A workflow for city planning in SketchUp

After seeing samples of stunning city planning documents from Houseal Lavigne Associates, we were excited to sit down with Devin Lavigne, Co-Founder, to get an inside look at his workflow. Luckily, he was candid enough to show us an actual client project he was working on. Devin started with a blank SketchUpdocument and transformed it into one of their signature graphics.

It just has to be good. That's probably the only standard we have.

The plans they produce are as informative as they are beautiful, and it was interesting to see the variety of ways the team at Houseal Lavigne integrates SketchUp into their work. From massing models to design guidelines to development concepts, the pages they produce are littered with an illustrative blend of illustrations and text that capture the eye and the imagination, and flat-out get the job done.


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