SketchUp for Woodworking – Jeff Branch | The Fireside Chat Series Season 2 Ep. 2

June 30, 2021

SIGN UP FOR THE SERIES: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Jeff Branch (@jeffobranch), woodworker extraordinaire. In this week’s Fireside Chat, he talks about how he uses materials in SketchUp for his projects. What is the Fireside Chat Series? To keep your SketchUp skills sharp — and to give you a little weekly entertainment, we’re hosting a (free) 8-week virtual series that brings together the community and some of the best SketchUp leaders from around the world. The format is fun, laid-back, and educational. It's everything you love about learning at 3D Basecamp, with that virtual flair that you've come to know and love. To learn more visit: Watch on Crowdcast: 0:00 Live music 9:39 Episode introduction 18:16 Guest interview & game 35:45 Guest presentation 55:58 Live Q&A with crowd 1:07:09 Words of wisdom/weekly farewell

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