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Take a trip around the globe with SketchUp

Did you catch our social media trip around the world? To celebrate our users across the globe, we traveled the interwebs and pulled together a collection of all the places your projects are taking shape. From Barcelona to Bangalore (and everywhere in between) SketchUppers create noteworthy designs, often influenced by their unique surroundings.

See how they do it in a round-up of our favorites. 

Diyar Aydoğan imagines a tranquil escape from the bustle of London, UK
First up, Diyar Aydoğan imagines a tranquil escape from the bustle of London, UK.

Soaking in the southern hospitality. Ten Over Studio creates this 3D animation to capture a unique meaning of "home" in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA.

OPM Render Studio
OPM Render Studio shares a glimpse of this snowy scene.

By Alets Alvarado
Step into this forest house, hidden away in the pristine hillsides of Peru. By Alets Alvarado.

Doig Architecture
Doig Architecture takes us to Melbourne, Australia with this design featuring gorgeous views out to Port Phillip Bay.

Onxy Design Collective has us daydreaming with this mountain getaway in Park City, Utah, USA.
Maria Alarcon designs
An oasis in the city. Maria Alarcon designs a rooftop in the heart of Barcelona, Spain where the hardness of stone and wood blend with the freely growing greenery.
This Southern California, USA home
This Southern California, USA home truly has no bad angles. Architect Steve Giannetti combines a worn, antique look with natural materials to create a timeless and fresh space. Animation by Voxl.Vision.
Nad Design
Nad Design transports us to this lush getaway on the coast of Indonesia.
interior by Tacata Arts
Now that’s an office! We love this interior by Tacata Arts in Bangalore, India.
highlighting Doddy Setiawan’s tropical home
Up next: we're highlighting Doddy Setiawan’s tropical home featuring gorgeous green accents, inside and out.
Marco Corrêa
We're wrapping up in Brazil with a bucket list kind of view from Marco Corrêa.


Thanks for joining our trip around the world! Share how your surroundings inspire your designs by tagging us in your social media posts or using #SketchUp_Global.  

Stay tuned for our next trip.


About the Author

American expat in London. Sophie is passionate about discovering SketchUp’s global country at a time. As someone who enjoys being on the move, you’ll find her exploring new cities while discovering the local cuisine, architecture and wine.

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