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SketchUp Essentials Guide

Your toolkit of essential shortcuts and must-have extensions to get you on your way.

One of the best things about SketchUp is how easy it is to get started. In many cases, SketchUppers are ready to start using it as soon as it is installed.
However, if you are interested in getting trained up, we have a ton of learning resources listed throughout this document. 
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[Quick Win] Editing Hidden Objects in 2020.1
[Quick Win] Editing Hidden Objects in 2020.1

SketchUp has always allowed you to modify hidden geometry, but in 2020.1 it will actually show you the piec...

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[Skill Builder] Make New Object 2020.1
[Skill Builder] Make New Object 2020.1

Groups and components allow you to take pieces, faces, and edges and put them together to form an object. I...