[Season 1, Episode 6] SketchUp Talk: The SketchUp essentials with Justin Geis

Justin Geis is known around here as the "SketchUp YouTube guy," and for good reason. Justin has produced hundreds of videos about SketchUp workflows, tips & tricks, extensions, rendering, and so much more. If you have a question about your model, Justin has probably made a video about it on his channel The SketchUp Essentials.

This week on SketchUp Talk, Justin shares why he got started with YouTube, his day job (hint: it's not YouTube), and what's next for the SketchUp Essentials. 

Justin Geis on SketchUp Talk
Justin Geis and his dog, Bonnie!

On this episode of SketchUp Talk, Aaron, Caroline, & Justin discuss:

  • Using YouTube to teach SketchUp
  • SketchUp and LayOut for the construction industry
  • Finding the time to make tutorial videos
  • Justin’s favorite SketchUp things
  • What you’ll learn during Justin’s 3D Basecamp classes

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