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[Webinar] Building a career in sustainable design

In this 30-minute webinar recording, SketchUp's higher education and sustainability experts discuss why sustainable building design is crucial to the future and explore tools that will help you take sustainability from the classroom into your career.

[Webinar] Building a career in sustainable design

You’ll get a glimpse into:

  • Why sustainability is critical for our future 
  • The diverse jobs available for students who want to focus on green building design 
  • Real-life examples of students and professionals who have designed and built noteworthy, high-performing buildings
  • The modeling tool you need to know to create with sustainability in mind

SketchUp is here for your next big idea. Draw, share, and refine designs with our professional design software, whether you are teaching classes or taking them. Sign up for a free trial or explore our subscription options for students, educators and universities. 

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