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Temple Grandin’s new home in SketchUp for Schools

Dr. Temple Grandin

We are thrilled to announce Dr. Temple Grandin as the new scale figure in SketchUp for Schools! Dr. Grandin is a professor of animal science, an inventor, an author, a renowned public speaker, and a passionate champion of animal welfare. Among her many talents, she is also the face of autism and an inspiration to people around the world. Here at SketchUp, we think she is a total rock star, and living proof that no challenge is too big when chasing your dreams. Welcome, Dr. Grandin, to your new virtual home in 3D SketchUp space.

We share a special mission

Dr. Grandin has made her mark in the universe with her tremendous contributions to the autistic community. She herself is on the autism spectrum, and has dedicated so much of her life to promoting awareness of life on the spectrum.

SketchUp, a tool originally intended for architects and designers, proved to be a powerful learning tool for autistic and photo-realistic visual thinkers. As it turns out, some kids on the spectrum were able to quickly adopt 3D design in SketchUp. This realization led to the launch of Trimble’s Project Spectrum: a program designed to deepen our engagement directly with young adults with autism. It was through Project Spectrum that Dr. Grandin and the SketchUp team originally crossed paths. Coincidentally, SketchUp HQ and The Temple Grandin School also share the same beautiful hometown of Boulder, Colorado, so we’re lucky enough to get a visit from her every so often.

The significance of the SketchUp scale figure

For those of you new to SketchUp: the scale figure’s purpose is to give us a sense of the size of the objects we draw in our model. We know if our model is around the size of a dog house, or an actual house, without taking any measurements.

But the scale figure is also an icon of the SketchUp brand and a reflection of our own personalities. (Every SketchUpper has one: check us out!) With each new release of SketchUp Pro, we honor one of our very own colleagues. We’ve continued the tradition in SketchUp for Schools, with a twist, by honoring an educator near and dear to the team. This time, we’re proud to add Dr. Grandin to the SketchUp family.

About the Author

As the SketchUp EDU Product Manager, Joy's goal is to deliver awesome 3D modeling tools to Sketchup's education community. As a human, she is a perpetual learner, fitness enthusiast, dog-lover, and day-dreamer turned dream-chaser. Her side-kick, Luke, is always nearby.

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