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Updated energy analysis plugin from IES

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), creators of the IES VE tools for building performance analysis and simulation, recently announced their partnership with us. We wanted to let you know a little bit about this and the features in the new version of their plugin for SketchUp.

Updated energy analysis plugin from IES

This official partnership is in recognition of work that IES has done to their VE plugin; it links four levels of VE analysis software to SketchUp (both free and Pro). We believe that this integration allows SketchUp modelers to more easily take sustainable building decisions into account early in the design phase. It provides options for design iterations in the areas of energy, carbon, water, climate impact, solar and daylight analysis early on. This partnership, which continues to grow and strengthen, will benefit architects and engineers by providing a low-cost, high quality solution for sustainable building.

You can visit the IES SketchUp page to learn more about (and download) the free plugin. The team at IES are now also running a special 60% discount offer on their early-stage analysis tools; the VE-Toolkits were specially designed to be accessed via the free plugin.

Take a look at the great videos the folks at IES have put together to show how their plugin works. Here’s a sample: