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SU Walk: Photorealistic animations for SketchUp

Sometimes a SketchUp model is only as good as its presentation. Users often take advantage of render plugins to add realism and detail to their work. But to truly illustrate the power of a 3D model, nothing beats a video. To that end, Cadalog, Inc., the makers of SU Podium (a popular render plug-in) have introduced a new plugin, SU Walk.

With SU Walk, you can create beautiful, photorealistic animations from your SketchUp models. Key features include:

  • Photorealism: Apply reflections and lights directly inside SketchUp.
  • Keyframe animations: Export a variety of formats including .mp4 and .avi.
  • Weather environments: Choose from clear sky, moving clouds, rain, fog, even moonlight to add realism to your animation.
  • Speed: Polygon reduction makes camera movement in the scene very fast.

Here is a video of SU Walk in action:

Several more examples and tutorials are available on SUPlugins YouTube channel.

SU Walk costs $129 for a single license, but discounts are available for bulk purchases, educators and owners of SU Podium V2. SU Walk works with Google SketchUp 7 or 8 and is currently Windows only, but a Mac version is upcoming. Learn more:

About the Author

Gopal Shah is a true visionary. He's able to see the world in 3 dimensions (without special glasses). His other superpower is being able to tie his shoes and whistle at the same time. He's pretty good at SketchUp too. He's even better at admiring people who are good at SketchUp.