SketchUp resources for children with autism

Project Spectrum is something we put together for folks with autism who might be interested in using SketchUp; you can find out all about it on the Project Spectrum Facebook page.

Bonnie Roskes (author of the Google SketchUp Cookbook and other publications, parent of a child on the autism spectrum, and all-around neato person) has created a couple of great Project Spectrum-related resources. They’re specific SketchUp activities, available as PDFs at no charge, that anyone can download from her website:

Toy Shop:Collaboration and Communication

In this fun project, a group of students work together to fill an empty toy shop. The students decide among themselves who will be responsible for each toy category. Each student finds his or her models in the 3D Warehouse, then the group comes back together to place their models into the shop. Comments and feedback from each student help foster a collaborative experience.

Dentist Office:
Relieving Anxiety

Who doesn't get nervous about a trip to the dentist? But "rehearsing" your appointment ahead of time can help make the actual experience easier. It's easy to model the physical spaces using basic rooms, then find the necessary models in the 3D Warehouse. This project shows two ways to "walk through" the model, gives suggestions for conversations about what will happen at the dentist's office, and also shows how to make the experience funny (imagine walking into the examination room and seeing Homer Simpson instead of your dentist.)

Visit Bonnie’s website to download the above activities, and be sure to check out her other offerings, too.

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