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SketchUp + Piranesi = delicious renderings

Some of you might recall the SketchUp-to-Piranesi Rendering Competition hosted by our friends over at SketchUcation a few months ago. The results are in, and they’re beautiful:

Winner, Exterior CategoryWinner, Exterior Category
Geshu Liu
Runner-Up, Exterior CategoryRunner-Up, Exterior Category
Winner, Interior CategoryWinner, Interior Category
Roly Wood
Runner-up # 1, Interior CategoryRunner-up # 1, Interior Category
Julie Couch
Runner-up # 2, Interior CategoryRunner-up # 2, Interior Category
Geshu Liu

Take a look at this web album to see all of the entries. Congrats to everyone who entered!

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Aidan was a beloved member of the SketchUp team for 10 years. He birthed this blog, taught countless SketchUp classes, authored the SketchUp For Dummies book, and is a jolly fellow indeed. If you'd like to learn a little more about Aidan and his new endeavor, check out Bitsbox.

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