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SketchUp: Miracle grow for the Philadelphia Flower Show

One hundred and eighty-nine years of anything is a long time. But some things—like gardens—get better and better with time. The Philadelphia Flower Show has long been a point of pride for its city and wider community. Plant enthusiasts from all over the country flock to Philly to learn about the latest and greatest in the gardening world each year.

But, they often get blown away before they even get through the door. The Entrance Garden of the Philadelphia Flower Show is a masterpiece to behold, and a true embodiment of the show’s theme. When you walk in the door, you’re embraced by the immersive hug of flowers designed in SketchUp by Dan Brownand Gary Radin.

Each year, Dan and Gary analyze the theme and sketch out concepts from start to finish in SketchUp. Together, Gary, Dan, and SketchUp make a dream-team of creative goodness that ultimately defies logic and produces an even more amazing entrance garden year after year.

SketchUp for experience and exhibit design: a hands-on workflow

Want to see how the Flower Show entrance experience came to life? We went behind the scenes with Dan Brown of to get the 4-1-1 on his exhibit design workflow. Dan takes us deep into his world of hundreds of flower components and detailed construction documents that make SketchUp the perfect tool for designing this annual exhibit.

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