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Quick poché for your section cuts

Poché is what architect-types call the filled-in areas of a plan or section drawing. It denotes the parts of a building that are being cut by an imaginary section plane. Here’s what poché sometimes looks like:

Adding a poché (fill) to your section cuts makes your model views more readable.

Plenty of folks would like to add areas of poché to their section cuts in SketchUp; doing so helps to make drawings more readable. Bob Pineo, a licenced architect and überSketchupper from Virginia, just sent us a great little video that explains his technique for adding poché to section cut views. Check it out:

This method involves coloring the inside faces of your walls black (or some other color) so that they appear to have a poché applied. It’s cleverer than using the Create Group from Slice command, since that method is more labor-intensive and needs to be repeated for every new section cut. Bob’s technique works even if you move the Section Plane, which makes it a lot more flexible.

Thanks for the tip, Bob!

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