A new home in Jacksonville

We offer a Non-profits Program for public benefit, 501 (c)(3) organizations to apply for a SketchUp Pro grant. One of our grantees, Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, Inc., sent us this story about using SketchUp Pro for a house plan:

The Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Jacksonville, FL (HabiJax) is about to complete a 14 house subdivision named Paris Village. In preparation for this special project, HabiJax decided to create a new house design, the “Jackson”, and add it to the collection of plans available for selection by our home buyers.

My challenge was to provide a way for our home buyers to envision the “Jackson” without ever seeing it in person. SketchUp was the perfect solution -- it’s fast and easy to learn. As a nonprofit, the affiliate always strives to maximize resources, without sacrificing the quality of our products. SketchUp helped us do just that.

Rendering we used to advertise the new subdivision (SketchUp model rendered in Photoshop)

Choosing a house plan is always an exciting step for our clients in their path to home ownership, and generally, our home buyers have to rely on seeing other houses built while they complete their 300 volunteer hours. Many of the Paris Village home buyers ended up selecting the “Jackson” model -- it has quickly become a favorite! We’ve all been very excited to watch the plan come to life as the home buyers, volunteers, and donors worked together on site.

User story, models and photos provided by Jack Spellman, Construction Coordinator, HabiJax

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