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New 3D Warehouse user profiles — because You matter most

We are so excited to announce brand new, more robust, user profiles for 3D Warehouse. We hope you’ll find that the revamped My 3D Warehouse page provides the features you need for promoting yourself, your interests and your business as well as improve your ability to connect with other users. To get started, you’ll first need to Sign In to 3D Warehouse. Then choose “My 3D Warehouse” from the User drop-down menu (see Fig. 1).

New 3D Warehouse user profilesFig 1. Once you've signed in, choose My 3D Warehouse from the User menu

Your My 3D Warehouse page shows the information that is visible to other 3D Warehouse users. To edit your profile, click the button labeled “Edit Profile” (see Fig 2).

New 3D Warehouse user profilesFig 2. Click Edit Profile to modify the profile information that is visible to other 3D Warehouse users

Profile Info Filling out profile info like your user profile photo (Fig. 3-A), bio (Fig 3-E), web links (Fig. 3-F), links to your social accounts (Fig. 3-G), location (Fig. 3-H) and Profesional Info (Fig. 3-I) can be a great way to let folks know more about who you are and gives you the ability to promote yourself and/or your business. You’re free to fill in as much or as little information as you want — and select privacy controls (Fig. 3-D) for setting which fields are displayed on your public profile.

Custom URLs Another noteworthy feature included in this release is the ability to claim a custom URL (Fig. 3-B), such as: Custom URLs have to be unique, so hustle up and grab yours before someone else does!

Contact Me This release also reintroduces a feature that gives you the option to allow other 3D Warehouse users to contact you directly via the email address associated with your 3D Warehouse account. To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to be sure to opt in by checking the checkbox (Fig 3-C). For more information about the Contact Me feature, please feel free to check out this Knowledge Center article.

3D Warehouse accountFig 3. The new 3D Warehouse User Profiles are chock full of ways for you to share info about who you are and why you're passionate about 3D modeling

We know you work hard on your models! By sharing more information on your profile, you are now able to connect with and more meaningfully engage your fellow 3D Warehouse compatriots. So go ahead and upload that selfie or logo, tell us about yourself, and get social! We hope you have as much fun using these new profile features as we had making them.

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