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Let's talk about price...

Today, our team is doing something relatively uncommon in the history of SketchUp: changing the price.

For the first 13 years we sold SketchUp, we charged $495 for a single-user Pro license. Two years ago, we included our $95 Maintenance & Support package with new licenses. That brought the total to $590 USD for a new license and a year’s worth of upgrades, maintenance, and support.

Starting later this week, you can purchase a new SketchUp Pro 2015 license for $695. That breaks down to $575 for a non-expiring license, and $120 for our Maintenance & Support plan. (Please note: our network license pricing has changed too, but our educational discounts haven’t!).

Okay, so buying or upgrading SketchUp Pro is a bit more expensive today than yesterday. No big deal, right?

Actually, this is a big deal. 

From SketchUp’s earliest days as a start-up, our team has always felt it was important to be generous with our products. No kidding: we wrote that down in the original @Last Software company handbook (along with guidelines for recycling and office pets). Bottom line: SketchUp was always meant to be accessible to everyone and to be a great deal to purchase. It still is.

So while raising price rubs against our grain, we still think that a SketchUp Pro license is a no-brainer, amazing deal. We’re continually investing in SketchUp, so that it improves in step with the other hardware and software you buy. And we never stop thinking how to improve the core nature of what makes SketchUp simple, productive, and fun. 

Without a doubt, we’re proud of what we’ve built SketchUp into, we’re also proud that SketchUp Pro is still priced so that small and large businesses can use it without breaking their budgets. Raising the price a bit is a big deal to us, but we’d never do it if we didn’t feel that SketchUp was already more than worth it.

Thanks for reading, and happy sketching,

Your friendly neighborhood SketchUp Team

Ed. note: By the way,  we still offer a free, non-commercial product called SketchUp Make. The price of that ($0) isn’t changing! And we’re not changing the price of our educational licenses at all.

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We’re the folks who work on SketchUp, so we spend most of our time thinking about how to make drawing in 3D better. We also enjoy nerf gun wars, disc golf, board games, coffee, beer, donuts, and looking at mountains. A few of us eat quinoa.

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