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Importing and exporting in SketchUp Shop

SketchUp Shop is an incredibly useful tool for those who don't need the full functionality (or cannot justify the cost) of SketchUp Pro. The basic toolset, while slightly different from the one in SketchUp Pro, is pretty easy to navigate.

But what happens when you need to import a file, export an image, or print a picture of your model? Without the File menu that is present in SketchUp Pro, it can be difficult to find the import/export commands when you need them. Good thing this video exists! Check out this quick Skill Builder to learn the ins and outs of importing and exporting in SketchUp Shop.


Add importing and exporting graphics in SketchUp Shop to your list of skills!

About the Author

You probably recognize Aaron from those videos on YouTube. Turns out, he can write sometimes, too! Aaron has years of experience with SketchUp and enjoys using it for both professional and personal projects.

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