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Get phenomenal DWG files out of LayOut 2017

LayOut 2017 is available, and you know what that means! That’s right! Massive improvements to DWG and DXF output. This release includes several enhancements that will help SketchUp and LayOut fit into your CAD workflow like never before.


Model Space, no more!

Remember, way back in 2016, when you would start to export a DWG and you would be prompted to export Paper Space OR Model Space? What was that about? Well, it really doesn't matter! All LayOut entities are now exported to paper space, and SketchUp models are exported to model space. As an added bonus, you don’t have to mess with setting Scale on export, as your graphics are exported at the scale you set in LayOut.

Colorful language (and entities)

ExportExport dialog box (File > Export).

If you have ever wished that LayOut would allow you to color by layer on export, today is your lucky day! A new option in the Export Options allows you to choose Export Entities as Color by Layer. If checked, LayOut will disregard all LayOut’s color information and assign an index color to each LayOut layer. All entities on a layer are exported as one color. If the option is unchecked, black is exported as index 7. Other colors are exported as true colors.

Go native!

Export OptionsDWG/DXF Export Options (File > Export > Format: DWG/DXF > Options).

Thanks to the new Export as Native DWG/DXF Entities check box in the Export Options window, you can now export entities (labels, dimensions, etc.) as true DWG entities. No more raw geometry pretending to be an entity!

One file to rule them all!

If you export a multipage DWG/DXF file from LayOut 2017, you will generate a single file with multiple “layout” tabs, rather than multiple files.

And some fixes, too!

While we were working on the awesome features listed above, we spent some time making a few of the fixes you requested, too.

  • Clipping masks are respected on export. Clip away!
  • You should no longer see issues with certain fonts being scaled incorrectly or disappearing on export.
  • Transparent backgrounds are exported as black.
  • Linetype scale will export as you would expect.

If you are a long-time LayOut user, the new export features will make generating well-organized files easier than ever before. If you are new to LayOut, then, congratulations! You are starting with the most flexible export options ever seen!

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You probably recognize Aaron from those videos on YouTube. Turns out, he can write sometimes, too! Aaron has years of experience with SketchUp and enjoys using it for both professional and personal projects.

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