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A fresh look for 3D Warehouse search

Finding the right models in 3D Warehouse just got a whole lot easier. Say goodbye to Advanced Search and hello to instant filtering and sorting as you go.

If you’ve ever perused 3D Warehouse, you know there’s no shortage of models waiting to be discovered. But searching through a library of this size is not without challenges; specifically when it comes to finding the right thing.

It's important to us to make the process of browsing and downloading models from 3D Warehouse as simple as possible – which is why we’re excited to announce a brand new way to search on 3D Warehouse.

3DWH Search
The new, integrated search sidebar allows you to filter as you go; making it easy to redefine your search at the click of a mouse.

Advanced Search has always been a part of searching within 3D Warehouse, but the previous set of tools was (admittedly) hard to find and difficult to use. Honestly, many of you reading this probably never knew they existed!

Based on your suggestions and feedback, we set out to reduce the time spent searching for high quality models and simplify the overall search process. We did this by putting the most useful features from the old Advanced Search front and center on the new search results page.

Now, as you search, you can instantly filter and sort by file size or complexity, or narrow your results to only manufacturer-made or geolocated models. And now, you also have the ability to modify your initial search term by adding or removing keywords to find models of a certain title or author.

Search for Pink Flowers
Filter your search by file size or complexity by toggling the sliders

There’s much more in store for 3D Warehouse as we continue to focus on improving the overall experience to provide you with a more valuable and higher quality experience. For now, we hope you’ll take the new search for a test drive and let us know what you think.

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About the Author

Vixay “V” is the Sr. Mobile UX Designer for SketchUp responsible for the 3D warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Mobile Viewer, and HoloLens. While not geeking out to design and walking into walls with the VR goggles, he enjoys exploring new places and food. He’s a self proclaimed ramen aficionado and coffee snob. Sometimes he wishes he could just give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.

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