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Drawing patterns in SketchUp and LayOut

When we launched patterns for LayOut two years ago, one of the first tutorials we created addressed how to cook up custom patterns using Layout and Photoshop. Recently, we’ve brewed up a pretty smooth method for drawing patterns in SketchUp (for use in SketchUp), and then exporting them for use in LayOut. Usually, the sign of a good SketchUp workflow is that it’s surprisingly fun to mess around with: check out Tyson’s approach to patterns, and see for yourself if that rule holds true...

A three-part video series on creating patterns in SketchUp and LayOut

This pattern method is part of our SketchUp Skill Builder series. We’re always interested to collect and share more helpful tips for a given topic. (Example: for transparent patterns, you can simply erase pattern faces in SketchUp, then export from LayOut as a .png). If you have any questions or suggestions for patterns in SketchUp, please share them here on the SketchUp forum

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A product manager on the SketchUp team, Mark is also an avid Colorado outdoorsman. You’re likely to find him roaming Boulder's mountain bike trails, scaring up marmots, pikas, and black bears.

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