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3DOn ARchitecture: Augmented Reality for iOS devices

Paul from 3DOn Ltd. presented at an event I attended a month or so ago. After his presentation, I asked him if we could tell the SketchUp community about his product, 3DOn ARchitecture. He said yes, but at the time the app was only available in the UK. Now it’s available to SketchUp users all over the world. Hooray!

3DOn ARchitecture is an augmented reality app for architects. It allows you to upload your SketchUp models and view them on an iPhone or an iPad in three different modes. Preview mode lets you overlay your model onto a photograph of your site. Walk mode lets you explore your model inside and out, and On-sitemode lets you view your model in situ—in real time.

3DOn ARchitecture can be downloaded for iPhone (3GS or later) or iPad. For more information, you can visit the 3DOn website or follow the 3DOn team on Twitter.

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An @Last Software alum, Chris currently manages all things Business Development for SketchUp. London-based these days, Chris can be found traveling around Europe sampling the local cuisine when he's not working.

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