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Inventory3D for Management of Telco Towers and Equipment Data

Inventory3D is a system for quick and easy cross-check of inventory database records on the site with the reality. Using unique features, the system allows to verify existing objects and draw missing or planned objects in a few seconds time. Said features include easy to learn 3 dimensional drawing tools and projection of ordinary photos to create overlays of photos, drawings and plans. In the overlay, you can perform drawings directly in the model, having photos in the background. Here we show you an example of an Inventory3D database model for a Telco site. With Inventory3D we created overviews in the geographical environment, site plans and equipment plans.The sample database has been created from standard "close out" documentation material used in the United States. That means that no extra visits to the site have been performed, and no extra photos have been taken for building the model. So, sites can be inspected and the inventory verified within a few minutes, or a new layout plan for the site can quickly be drawn. Like that, Inventory3D can help to keep your tabular inventory database synchronized with the technical drawings and photos from the field. And your site plans and equipment drawings are always up to date.