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3D Basecamp 2016 – Quad Modeling for Smooth Geometry

Quad modeling? Quad meshes? Whether you’ve heard of this terminology or not, you may be interested in this session. A quad mesh is more regular and predictable than triangles, and it provides meshes with directions of flow. This means that tools can follow an edge and you can select loops or rings in a predictable order. The resulting mesh is also easier to map for texturing and can be more effectively smoothed. This makes quad modeling ideal for creating organic or flowing shapes. This class covers the basic concepts of quad modeling and helps you realize the advantages of quad modeling in SketchUp. We cover how to use extensions to generate quad meshes that can be adjusted to create smooth, flowing models. See the advantage of modeling with fewer faces to achieve the smoothest geometry possible! Extensions used in this class: Vertex Tools QuadFace Tools SUbD TT_Lib2 TIG: Split Doughnut TIG: Split Sausage Files of the final models are availabe on 3DWarehouse: Flashlight: Spoon: Helmet: