Can you do that in SketchUp?

February 1, 2017 Mark Harrison

In expos and conferences, in studios and on job sites, in workshops and meetups, in makerspaces and classrooms, in forums, at Basecamps, on YouTube... People who use SketchUp are everywhere. But for every SketchUp aficionado, it seems there are twenty more people who don’t realize how much is possible in 3D.

For all you SketchUppers out there -- you know who you are -- we think it’s important that other people understand what you do. It's time the world learned the power of Orbit. So, the next time someone asks, “Can you do that in SketchUp?”, just point them our way... we’ve got your back.

Yes, you can do that in SketchUp.

Special thanks to the SketchUppers who helped us bring this story to life!

Daniel Brown (, Eric Schimelpfenig (, Solana James (Classic Kitchens & Baths), Mike Hathorn (, James Crowell (Crowell Design), Peter Kluzak, Daniel Tal (, Keat Tan (gkkworks), Aaron Dietzen, Ty Schalamon, Josh Reilly, and the one and only, Lisanne Libner.

Shout out and props to Hartford High School’s Ben Rouillard, Conor Joyce, Jack Heller, Khant Thu, Kenna Hausler, Noah Lerhner, George Spearing, Brandon Pizinger, and Billy Mann.

And of course, thank you to our pals, Cole Garrison (Withouse Productions) and Dane Henry (DHDigital).

About the Author

Mark Harrison

A product manager on the SketchUp team, Mark is also an avid Colorado outdoorsman. You’re likely to find him roaming Boulder's mountain bike trails, scaring up marmots, pikas, and black bears.

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