A Fresh Look for SketchUp

November 17, 2020 SketchUp Team

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to not cut our own hair - leave it to the professionals. That’s why when it was time to give our brand a makeover, we teamed up with some experts. And, we’re feeling pretty fly with our new look! Today, after eight years, we’re thrilled to unveil our new style as we continue the evolution of both our product and our brand.

The suite of SketchUp Products Logos

A lot of consideration went into the new design, with special emphasis on how SketchUp has grown in partnership with Trimble over the years. Since we joined the Trimble family, we’ve met new colleagues, grown our technology (think Trimble Connect and XR10 to name a few), and gotten our products into the hands of professional designers all over the world. It’s been amazing! But, this hasn’t been a one-way street — we’ve also contributed to some growth on their side: how to do Halloween the right way, and what a perfect April Fool’s prank is. We call this a true, full-geometry relationship.  

On top of all of that, you know what else is exciting? You can actually model our new logo in SketchUp! Many of you pointed out that the old logo was made in 2D and a logo for a 3D modeling software should be able to exist in 3D space, and you were right! Not only can this logo exist in 3D, it's actually a lot of fun to model!

Our new logo is derived from the simplicity of a cube and built using advanced tools within SketchUp, representing a more sophisticated look and feel without forgetting our foundation. We talk the talk, and yep, now we’re walkin’ the walk!! 

And, as we move forward, there’s no way we’re leaving anyone behind, the whole family is coming with us:

A lot of work went into designing these logos. Here’s the shortlist of some of the tools we used to create them...

Rectangle, Push-Pull, Tape Measure, Eraser, Paint Bucket, Arc, Intersect with Model, Follow Me, Parallel Projection, and Isometric View.

Even though we’re growing and evolving, we’ll never forget where we came from. You’ve been great to us, old SketchUp logo, and you’ll always hold a special place in our 3D hearts! 

Larger than life blow up of SketchUp logo

Larger than life at Basecamp 2018. Looking good, old friend.  

Although it might feel a little funny at first, we promise we’re still the same ‘ole SketchUp you know and love — just a little prettier and more robust. 

Thus, it’s time to retire our famed, red logo, and move on to our next chapter. See you in another dimension!

Explore our new look and take the challenge: download our new logos from 3D Warehouse and try to redraw them in SketchUp. Share your designs on Instagram or in the Forum using #SKPin3D! We’d love to see some of the ways you do it. 


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We’re the folks who work on SketchUp, so we spend most of our time thinking about how to make drawing in 3D better. We also enjoy nerf gun wars, disc golf, board games, coffee, beer, donuts, and looking at mountains. A few of us eat quinoa.

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