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You find 'em, we'll fix 'em

We recently released SketchUp 7.1 into the wild, and a ton of you have upgraded over the last few weeks. As is often the case when a ton of folks with all different system configurations load a new version of SketchUp, we found a few undiscovered bugs that needed fixing ASAP. Today we're releasing the first maintenance release of SketchUp 7.1 out to all users. There are no new features in this release – just a bunch of bug fixes. Here are a few highlights:

The Measurements box did not always responding to input on the Mac. When a user brought focus to the Measurements box on the Mac (e.g. via clicking in it or tabbing to it), the Measurements box no longer accepted input. This issue has been fixed.

Selection/inferencing was not as precise. Previously, when picking or inferring entities, it was sometimes necessary to zoom in more in 7.1 than in previous versions of SketchUp and SketchUp could feel less snappy. Selection and inferencing should be back to feeling accurate and snappy.

Intersection inferences could no longer be found in some cases. When two faces intersected, the intersection inference was not always found unless x-ray mode was turned on. Intersection inferences should now be available again in this case.

...and here are the rest of the release notes

I recommend this update for all users; you can download and install it for free right now. Just open SketchUp and watch for the "SketchUp Update Service" pop-up dialog.

Remember: the crash reports you file when something goes catastrophically wrong are the most important tool we have for figuring out what needs fixing. Keep those crash reports coming, and we'll keep fixing SketchUp!

John Bacus

John is a Product Management Director at Trimble Navigation, where he is responsible primarily for the growing SketchUp family of products.