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SketchUp: a 3D Toolbox

We just came across a great SketchUp podcast by a creative and talented, if rather unlikely, host. SketchUp: a 3D Toolbox is co-created and hosted by Cameron Harris, a 16-year old from the Bay Area. Here's a little more about the show and host:

Learn how to create 3D models of buildings, sculptures, furniture and anything else you can imagine using Google's free modeling program, SketchUp. Your host, Cameron Harris, will walk you through the application's interface, teach you its tools, and work with you on projects.

Cameron is the co-creator of the Harwood Podcast Network. He's been using SketchUp since version 5 and has modeled the Network's Studio facilities, with all its sets, furnishings and details. He is currently modeling the set and camera angles for a new music show, "Live From Bay 6".


Chris Cronin

An @Last Software alum, Chris currently manages all things Business Development for SketchUp. London-based these days, Chris can be found traveling around Europe sampling the local cuisine when he's not working.