Pssssst. There’s something new at

If you've visited today, you might notice some big changes: a new release, a new website, new branding, and updated pricing and policies. With all that’s new, we decided to test everything before we officially announce anything. We’re currently pulling the knobs, throwing the switches and generally making sure everything works properly.

If you just can’t wait to get the whole scoop, here’s a teaser: SketchUp 2013 (yes, we skipped a couple of thousand version numbers) is focused on the twin themes of extensibility and 2D documentation. This release is all about plugins in SketchUp, and LayOut in SketchUp Pro. We’ll get into the details soon, but there’s an even more exciting way you can learn more: download the new version and have a look around. It’s available right now on

Stay tuned for more news soon, and happy exploring...