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SketchUpdate | News & Updates

Announcing 3D Basecamp 2016: June 13-15 in Steamboat Springs

Great news, everybody: starting today, you can register for 3D Basecamp 2016 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (June 13th - 15th). We think this is going to be the best 3D Basecamp ever (again!). Here’s why...

The smartest SketchUppers around
3D Basecamp is where the brightest SketchUp minds meet to greet, teach and inspire. At our 2014 Basecamp, presenters shared a mind-blowing amount of SketchUp knowledge. We’re already lining up some amazing presenters for 2016, and we plan to unveil the full program early this winter. Interested to present at 3D Basecamp? We’re accepting presentation proposals now!

The Colorado high country
SketchUp was born and raised in Colorado. On a weekly basis, our team ventures into the neighboring mountains for adventures and good times, only to return to our desks smiling on Monday morning. Early summer in the high country is a magical time of year, and we are excited to share ‘Colorful Colorado’ with our bestest SketchUp friends (that’s you!).

Introducing 3D Bootcamp
3D Basecamp is a great place to learn from SketchUp masters. Next year, it will also be a chance to learn to master SketchUp. In Steamboat, we’re introducing 3D Bootcamp, a two-day intensive training workshop for everyone, convening the weekend before 3D Basecamp begins. By ‘everyone,’ we mean just that: beginner, intermediate, and advanced SketchUp ninjas will all be accommodated with both classroom and hands-on SketchUp training. We can’t wait.

Steamboat Springs
Steamboat is one of our favorite places in Colorado. Sure, there's a bit of a drive from the airport, but it’s a stunningly beautiful one. And Steamboat itself is a magical place. If you can manage to spend a few extra days there, you’ll find countless adventures at your fingertips: hiking, biking, fly-fishing, rafting, horses, paddleboards, rodeos, wildflowers, disc golf… all of the Colorado essentials.

Without a doubt, 3D Basecamp is our favorite three days of work. We’ve made the event slightly bigger in 2016, but we expect to sell out again. We’re cat-meets-laser excited to see you in SteamboatDon’t sleep: register today!

Mark Harrison

When Mark isn’t managing SketchUp’s marketing program, you’re likely to find him roaming Boulder, Colorado’s mountain bike trails, scaring up marmots, pikas, and black bears.