What's New in SketchUp 2016

November 17, 2015
Whats new in SketchUp 2016? We've made improvements to SketchUp's inference engine, updated the organization of utility dialogs on Windows, overhauled the materials library, brought Trimble Connect into SketchUp, and refreshed the Generate Report tool. Organization in LayOut has been greatly improved with multi-layer groups, and new tool colors and highlights. Our engineers also implemented a new C API to LayOut to expand it's extensibility. Try it out for yourself at http://sketchup.com/2016. → Seen on the SketchUp Blog here: http://blog.sketchup.com/sketchupdate/dig-bit-deeper-sketchup-2016
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Let's talk about price...
Let's talk about price...

Today, our team is doing something relatively uncommon in the history of SketchUp: changing the price.

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