Why attend 3D Basecamp 2022? We have 10 reasons

Have you heard the news? 3D Basecamp Vancouver will now take place on September 26-30, 2022. This extended period of time will give everyone the opportunity to recover and will help ensure the safety of our attendees and staff.  

In case you don’t already know, 3D Basecamp is hands down the best conference to attend if you are wanting to learn SketchUp. SketchUppers from all over the world come together to meet, learn, inspire, and have fun. We may be biased, but we can’t think of a better way to spend a week. In fact, we’ve come up with ten excellent reasons why we think you’ll agree.

Learning at 3D Basecamp

1. Award-winning venue

An architectural beauty, the Vancouver Convention Centre was voted the BEST convention center in North America. Why you ask? From award-winning design to sustainability, this building has it all. It’s also located right on the water for some breathtaking views. It’s one of those buildings that you actually have to see to believe how awesome it is. Did we mention there is grass on the roof and beehives?

2. A one-of-a-kind community

SketchUppers from all over the globe show up and are ready to share tips, tricks, and can’t-live-without shortcuts. The SketchUp community isn’t like your regular community, everyone is welcome. It isn’t exclusive and people go out of their way to teach others. Don’t believe us? One attendee described 3D Basecamp “like a family reunion with hundreds of undiscovered relatives!”

Part of your job as an attendee is to help your fellow SketchUpper out. We're all on this journey together! This type of energy is what helps create an atmosphere that fosters creativity and intelligence.

3. Master 3D modeling skills

If you haven’t caught on already, 3D Basecamp is the place to become a SketchUp ninja. Not only do we have a wide range of classes to accommodate different skill levels, but we also have small classes so you get the best (hands-on) learning experience. Think you know it all? Think again. We have the best trainers to be your SketchUp sherpas at 3D Basecamp.

4. A party worth bragging about

Come to learn. Stay to play. That’s our motto and we’re stickin’ to it. To award you for all of your hard work, we throw one kick-ass party that brings out your true inner creativity. From art galleries to hanging out with your new friends, our party has a little something for everyone. 

Partying at 3D Basecamp

5. Discover workflows that are perfect for your projects

We don’t just teach generic SketchUp info, we make sure you can take these new principles and apply them to your industry-specific workflows. We also have SketchUppers (AKA professional SketchUp users) from virtually every industry so you can network and craft that workflow to fit your needs.

6. Water, mountains, and architecture

What could be better than learning in one of the most beautiful places? Catch up on some "you" time by exploring Vancouver before or after the conference. Ride a bike through Stanley Park or take the ferry over to Granville Island! Either way, you'll be inspired by Canada's gorgeous backdrop. All of our hotels are near the water and all of the action so you won’t miss a beat and you can walk everywhere! Walk to and from class all week to truly experience Vancouver. Come for the content and stay for those jaw-dropping views. 

The Fairmont hotel
One top-notch hotel: The Fairmont Waterfront. Stay here and get a discounted rate!

7. Train the team

Stay in sync with your team and get trained at the same time. Learn professional workflows and make sure everyone is aligned. Plus, this is an excellent excuse for some team bonding! 

8. Enjoy fun little surprises around every corner

If you’ve been to a 3D Basecamp, you already know that fun is in our DNA. We can’t give away too much, but we will have some legendary swag and art installs that will blow your mind. Add in the party, and you’ll never want to leave!

9. Meet your idols

If you watch guys like Matt Donnely from Master SketchUp or Justin Geis from SketchUp Essentials or received an answer on the forum from one of the Sages and thought, “I’d like to hang out with these guys!” this is your chance! SketchUp teachers and learned forum advisors alike will be hanging out just waiting to talk SketchUp with users like you!

10. Bragging rights 

Hey, SketchUp ninjas, tell the world! Once you've attended 3D Basecamp you are officially a true SketchUpper.


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