SketchUp Talk Season 3: Get to know the team

February 7, 2020 SketchUp Talk

Can you believe we are already premiering season 3 of SketchUp Talk? It feels like just yesterday we started our podcast adventure. Over the seasons, we’ve taken a look into extensions, industries, and SketchUp legends. This season we are taking a peek behind the SketchUp curtain to give you a glimpse into what the team does and who they are. Over the next few months, you’ll get to meet (or re-meet):

  • Aaron Dietzen, Content Creation Manager

  • Aubree Topai, Events Manager

  • Chris Brasher, Education Programs Coordinator & Visiting Professionals Program Manager

  • Bryce Stout, Product Manager

  • Jody Gates, Product/Project Manager - Content Platforms

  • Mark Harrison, Product Manager

  • Mike Tadros, Product Manager

  • Niraj Poudel, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

  • Peter Saal, 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse Product Manager

  • Trent Cito, 3D QA Test Engineer

  • Tyson Kartchner, SketchUp Campus Manager

  • Casey Grothus, Project Spectrum

If you haven’t checked out our podcast yet, listen in on Apple Podcasts or our podcast player...and be on the lookout for season 3!




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