Learn from the best: SketchUp modeling for pre-production

February 23, 2011

Sunil Pant, friend of SketchUp and eminent 3D modeling ninja, is teaching an online workshop next week through CG society. It’s called 3D Design and modeling for pre-production using Google SketchUp. Sunil has been a concept artist in the motion picture and video game industry for over 4 years, working with George Hulland other luminaries. His credits include Iron Man 2 and Dreamwork’s Megamind. We profiled Sunil on our blog a few months back.

King's Court Room

In this course, Sunil will go into detail about how he uses SketchUp to quickly block out designs in 3D in order to work out issues relating to proportion and scale. Over the 8 week course, attendees will learn how to design complicated props and vehicle designs like this:

Monorail Maintenance Vehicle

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