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Baking with SketchUp: A holiday cookie guide

With the holidays in full swing, our team embarked on the lofty task of combining SketchUp, 3D printing, and a healthy dose of frosting into a fun holiday project. The result? 3D printed holiday cookie cutters! And cookies of course!

SketchUp cookies
The holidays are here, which means things around the SketchUp office have been feeling extra festive.

In case you missed the live broadcast, Josh and Aaron shared some of their formidable SketchUp knowledge as they live modeled 3D-printable cookie cutters. Along the way, they sprinkled in plenty of SketchUp tips, tricks, and 3D printing advice—all with their signature wit and a dash of festive holiday attire.

SketchUp cookies ready for frosting
Flour, sugar, milk and SketchUp! What could be better?

A number of creative ideas were suggested by the audience—ranging from a simple snowflake to a scary Krampus—so Aaron and Josh took the opportunity to live model several requests and discuss 3D printing related workflows. While modeling a SketchUp-themed stocking, Josh showed us how to employ Section Planes to create a profile, which was then extruded using the Follow Me tool to create a 3D-printable design.

Josh then demonstrated the power of mirrored components and shared some tips about modeling on a 2D plane to create the intricate symmetry of a snowflake. If you're interested in learning more about 3D printing, SketchUp modeling, or just want a little SketchUp-themed entertainment, be sure to check out the whole episode.

Cookie timelapse
Watch out Food Network, Josh and Aaron have some serious TV baking skills!

With a few 3D-printed, SketchUp-themed cookie cutters on hand, Josh and Aaron switched gears from SketchUp modeling to live cookie decorating. Miraculously, they managed to bake and frost a batch of SketchUp cookies in the blink of an eye.

Frosted cookies
To get the full experience, you've got to bake your own!

If you find yourself looking for a creative project this holiday season, or need to break in that new 3D printer, join in the fun and design some of your own cookie cutters. Be sure to upload your models to 3D Warehouse using #SketchUpCookieCutters, or feel free to download and print yours!

From the SketchUp Team to you,

Happy Holidays!

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