Virtual Design and Construction at Mortenson Construction

March 16, 2017 Matt Robison

A few years ago we visited Mortenson Construction to highlight their use of SketchUp in virtual mockups. A lot has changed since then, so we decided to swing by again and check out how their workflow had changed. As it turns out, their virtual design and construction (VDC) has grown in leaps and bounds since our last visit, and we’re excited to show how they’ve been pioneering the use of virtual reality to sell projects and solve design problems.

As you can see, Mortenson has been on the leading edge of technology in order to create a better customer experience while building world-class facilities. Their VR mockups are incredibly beautiful so we thought we’d offer a bonus peek behind the curtain at how they use SketchUp along with Unity, Unreal Engine, and other software to stay on the forefront of the VR game.

VR and augmented or mixed reality are becoming increasingly more accessible and more powerful. In the future we’ll be sure to look to Mortenson for some of the most impressive implementations of that technology.

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Matt Robison

Matt creates the SketchUp videos on which you feast your eyeballs. He can often be found enjoying the great indoors watching movies and comedy shows, and curling.

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