AutoCAD to SketchUp – Larry Zent | 3D Basecamp 2018

June 7, 2019

Design Time, LLC Owner Are you using SketchUp only here and there in your workflow? Would you like to make it the main tool that gets the job done? Or maybe you work with people who resist bringing processes into 3D? Larry will show you how to go from a 2D, CAD-based workflow and plunge into the 3D world of SketchUp. Come explore what this all means for things like layers, blocks, X-refs, and converting libraries, as well as seeing some extensions that aid in this process. Get the tools you need to make moving into a new SketchUp workflow as painless as possible!

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[Skill Builder] Window Reflections
[Skill Builder] Window Reflections

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[Skill Builder] Use PNGs to add lighting and depth to your model
[Skill Builder] Use PNGs to add lighting and depth to your model

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