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Winning more jobs with LayOut

Most people we’ve met know what SketchUp is and what it can do, and those people generally think it’s the greatest thing since the three-button mouse. But what about LayOut? LayOut? What is that? How much is it and how do I get it?

Well, if you own SketchUp Pro you already own LayOut. It comes bundled as a part of SketchUp Pro. Robbie Blance of RB3D shows us how SketchUp Pro modelers are putting their models to work in LayOut – and winning more jobs.

more jobs with LayOut
Robbie has created professional construction documents. Everything shown in the images above was done using LayOut, including the title blocks. Robbie says:

“I have been using Sketchup LayOut for about 2 years. Originally I used it to only to show prospective clients what their new deck was going to look like on their house. I produced an A3 presentation sheet with four views of their new deck. As I got faster with my modelling and learned more about Layout I started building the decks and patios with more detail, in fact I built them completely using all the material the carpenters were going to use, so I then started producing working drawings. Now I use Layout to produce the drawings for the development applications as well, nothing is wasted, the original concept model simply gets more detailed.”
Sketchup LayOut